Are you interested in helping students to develop skills for the workplace?

Would you like the opportunity to talent spot and benefit from new ideas?

We are looking for employers who can host tailored, flexible work experience for students, which includes:

Work shadowing - Up to three days of unpaid work experience where the student observes someone in their role to understand how they do their job.

Work taster - Up to four weeks of unpaid work experience where the student has the opportunity to learn about work and the working environment by observing and undertaking some tasks.

Work placement - Four to six weeks of paid work experience where the student gets hands-on experience or works on a project.

You would be helping young students on higher education courses in Wales who face barriers in accessing work experience to develop and refine their employability skills though their work experience with you. These skills will help them become more employable.

In turn, you would be demonstrating that you are a socially responsible employer and would have the opportunity to benefit from new ideas from a young student.

You would be joining over 410 employers who have supported a student by hosting work experience through the programme since April 2016.

“It is important for us to offer experience to students willing to develop and begin their careers in a very competitive market.”

What do I have to do as an Employer?

If you would like to get involved, please register your interest with your nearest university. With your permission we will add you to our employer database and you may be contacted by a participating university. Because the programme is student-led, we cannot guarantee that you will be asked to host work experience, and registering an interest does not place you under any obligation to host work experience.

University advisers spend some time with interested students to assess their needs. These advisers then seek suitable work experience opportunities with all kinds of organisations in Wales.

“The administration was excellent and communication was fantastic.”

Before the work experience
The GO Wales adviser will arrange to visit you. This is when you will develop the work experience opportunity so that the student has a worthwhile experience, and to agree times and dates to suit you and the student. The adviser may need to carry out a health and safety vet. The adviser will support you with any paperwork you need to complete before you welcome the student to your organisation.

During the work experience
Whatever the length of the work experience, you will need to carry out a suitable induction with the student. You should ensure that they have an appropriate level of supervision while they are with you, and provide constructive feedback so that the student gets the most out of their work experience. The adviser will keep in touch with you to check how things are going.

After the work experience

The adviser will support you with further paperwork that may need to be completed after the work experience has ended.

You might decide that you would like to offer further work experience through the Programme, but we will never place you under an obligation to offer more than you think you can.

Funding support
If you host a paid placement, you will be expected to pay the student at least the minimum wage, and to cover any employers' costs such as national insurance contributions. You may, however, be eligible for a subsidy of 50% of the wages from the Programme.

“This gave our staff the opportunity to learn about diversity and being non-judgemental. I think we've all personally grown from getting to know the student.”