Eco Code

Achieve through Work Experience wishes to both minimise the impact of the Programme on the environment and promote environmental sustainability whenever appropriate. It is our strategy to reduce our consumption and to reuse and recycle materials whenever we can. In this context we will take the following actions:

Communicating with participants and potential participants

Wherever appropriate, the Programme will use electronic means to communicate with participants and potential participants. We will develop our website so that it is an effective communication tool, and will keep participants and potential participants up-to-date about the Programme via email. This will reduce our reliance on printed matter.


Where printed matter is required, and taking into account cost effectiveness, the Programme will print documentation and literature according to need in order to minimise the potential for waste. We will endeavour to print documentation and literature on paper from sustainable sources.


Where it is not possible to eliminate waste entirely, the Programme will recycle materials whenever it can. We will encourage the Joint Beneficiaries to use local recycling facilities.


We aim to procure responsibly, purchasing only the quantities required for effective implementation of the programme's aims.

Within the context of procurement regulations and cost effectiveness, we will procure locally whenever possible.

When procuring items we will take into account their impact on the environment and aim to procure items that are not harmful to the environment or difficult to dispose of in ways which do not cause harm to the environment.

We also aim to reduce waste and reuse where possible by procuring reusable rather than throwaway promotional items.


The Programme will encourage its participants and Joint Beneficiaries to use public transport where possible, in order to minimise the effect of travel on the environment.

Raising awareness

Where possible, we will print an eco statement on our literature indicating the steps it is taking to minimise the impact of the Programme on the environment.

Supporting environmental sustainability through Achieve through Work Experience work experience opportunities

The Programme is keen to support work experience which promotes environmental sustainability in businesses in Wales, particularly SMEs, depending on the needs and aspirations of the students that come to the programme.