Are you under 25 years old on a higher education course in Wales and facing barriers in securing work experience?

Would you like to benefit from work experience with a wide range of employers in Wales?

Employers put work experience at the top of their wish list when they recruit graduates, but not everyone finds it easy to get the work experience they need...

The GO Wales: Achieve through Work Experience Programme aims to help you develop your employability skills and improve your chances of obtaining sustainable, graduate level employment when you leave university.

You will have the one-to-one support of an adviser who will work with you to explore the best options for work experience opportunities. The placements are completely tailored to you: your adviser will arrange work experience which fits around your life, studies and other commitments and provides you with an opportunity to improve your skills. The work experience, with all kinds of employers in Wales, can be:

Work shadowing Up to three days of unpaid work experience observing someone in their role to understand how they do their job.

Work taster Up to four weeks of unpaid work experience getting some hands-on experience or working on a small project.

Work placement Four to six weeks of paid work experience getting hands-on experience or working on a project.

"I feel the importance of the programme cannot be overstated; it has enabled me to successfully improve my confidence and skills, which has helped me land my first job."
Find out here if you may be eligible for the Programme

Most students will undertake work shadowing or a work taster, as not all host organisations are in a position to offer paid placements.

The work experience can be spread out over time (a few hours or a day a week for an agreed period) or in a block (a week or more in vacation period).

If you are interested in joining the Programme please contact us

Your adviser will support and mentor you throughout your time on the programme: they will help you to decide on the work experience; help you to prepare for it and learn from it; and support you to decide on your next steps, helping you to grow in confidence along the way.

You may be able to get help with travel costs, support costs and childcare costs so that doing work experience is an affordable option for you.

“The programme helped me feel comfortable with entering a working environment.”

After each work experience opportunity your adviser will help you to measure your progress towards 'maximum employability'. You can remain on the programme and could undertake more than one opportunity as required until you and your adviser agree that you are ready to exit.

"The support received from my Adviser was excellent. She provided me with outstanding assistance throughout the process."